What is the Power Index?
Why is the Power Index right for you?
Why do certain Flex positions not show in the Power Grid?
Is the Power Index ok for my league?
Where can I find the App?
Questions or suggestions for improvements?

What is the Power Index?
  The Power Index ranks each team by position, then uses an algorithm to generate a total Power grade based on those rankings in conjunction with the scarcity and value of each position based on your league scoring rules and roster requirements.

Why is the Power Index right for you?
  • The main Power Grid displays the positional rank for each team. Mousing over those ranks will display each player that has contributed to that rank.

  • Top ranked positions are coded green, and those in the bottom tier are in red. This coding makes for quick visual analysis of which positions are providing strength and weakness.

  • The Power Index will tell you which teams are most balanced and which ones are relying on only 1 or 2 true studs, thus making them more susceptible to injury.

  • Easy switch between YTD and the Last 3 weeks time frames, allowing you to see current trending.

  • Below the main Grid, each position is broken down individually for easy analysis.

  • The Index ranks each team according to their true power, removing the luck factor of scheduling. Come playoff time, you'd much rather face a 10-3 team with a power grade of 80 than the 7-6 team with a grade of 100 sitting at the top of the Index.

  • Think you've got a really good team but are getting hosed by the scheduling? This will help you prove it.
Why do certain Flex positions not show in the Power Grid?
  To get true positional strength, all players are evaluated within their true position, not a flex position, if the individual position is used. This means that if you start 2 WR's and 1 TE, plus 1 WR-TE flex, the WR-TE flex will not show as a position to be ranked, those players will be included in the appropriate WR or TE position.
     > If you just start 3 WR-TE flex players, then all WR's and TE's will be evaluated as WR-TE.
     > If you start 2 RB's, 2 WR's, and 1 TE, plus 1 Flex at any of those positions, the RB-WR-TE Flex will not show as an individual position.
  The reasoning behind this is to get a more accurate evaluation of each true position. If a team is starting a solid 3rd running back as their Flex, those points will be reflected in the increased RB power for that team.

Features of the Index include:
  • Each division is color coded so you can easily see which is the toughest division, and which is weakest.

  • Switch from Total Year-to-Date Power to view the Last 3 Weeks to see who is trending up... and who is not. Seeing where they are sliding or surging might give you an edge in trade talks.

  • Mouse over the positional rank to see the breakdown of where those points are coming from.

  • Individual positional breakdown below the main Power Grid, including Points scored, Points behind the #1 team at that position, and point behind the next best team.

Is the Power Index ok for my league?
  • At this time, the Power Index does not evaluate ranked leagues.

  • If there's a Head-to-head league that the Power Index doesn't evaluate perfectly, then it's not Fantasy Football. The only limitation at this time would be for Dynasty Leagues... The future value of long term Dynasty contracts is not taken into account. The Index algorithm accounts for current year only.

  • The Index will evaluate any and every combination of Roster and Scoring structures used by your league.   IDP? No problem.   Team QB? No Problem.   Seperate D and ST? No Problem.   Current power of Keepers and Dynasty? No Problem.

Where can I find the App?
  Open your CBS Sports.com league, click on the Tools tab, then select Power Index under MyApps.

Questions, Issues, or suggestions for improvements?
  EMail us at   Support@FantasyGreen.org  and we'll get back to you ASAP.